Guide to Getting Your Board On Board for Do More 24 Delaware

You can take your Do More 24 Delaware success to new heights on June 6th by leveraging your board members and their passion for your cause! Organizations with engaged board members raise approximately 2-3 times more than those that don’t involve their board in the planning process. This not only helps you raise more on Do More 24 Delaware, but paves the way towards a stronger relationship with your organization’s board members. So how can you get your board excited for Do More 24 Delaware? We’ve got you covered!

10 Steps to Board Success:

  1. Have a Do More 24 Delaware Kickoff at your next board meeting
  2. Include your board in your Do More 24 Delaware goals
  3. Share regular updates throughout the planning process
  4. Provide your board members with clear opportunities and steps to help your organization reach its Do More 24 Delaware goals
  5. Leverage your board members as Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers to help raise more and expand your reach on Do More 24 Delaware
  6. On Do More 24 Delaware update your board on your progress from beginning to end
  7. Encourage your board members to support you on Do More 24 Delaware with matching funds, social sharing, and promotion of your participation with their networks
  8. Invite your board members to attend an in-person event during Do More 24 Delaware
  9. Ask your board members to help you personally thank and steward your Do More 24 Delaware donors
  10. Don’t forget “Thank You” to your board members for their help and hard work on Do More 24 Delaware and celebrate a job well done

Resources for Your Organization

Resources for Your Board Members